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Vettel throws it all away

Posted by Carrot on May 30, 2010 | No Comments

Red Bull were concerned with the pace of the McLarens, and the race showed their concerns to be justified. The gleaming silver machines were easily a match for the Red Bulls in race pace. The final race positions would be heavily influenced by the pit stops. Red Bull got it right, they covered off Hamilton and had a big enough gap to Button to secure a 1-2 finish. Nothing could go wrong. Apart from Vettel pulling a stupid stunt and throwing it all away.

We’ve seen that move before, that aggressive dive to the right. We saw it in China against Hamilton in the pit lane. Back then I said it was dangerous, here it was stupid. He cost himself points, he cost his team mate the win and he gifted points to the team’s main opposition in the championship. The pressure has got to Vettel and he’s cracked. Of particular note was the off-mic discussion in the drivers’ press conference between Webber and Hamilton, the looks on their faces suggesting that Hamilton agreed that the move was the same as he’d experienced and that they both had no doubt that Vettel was to blame. The young German now has two weeks to restore his composure or continue his very public self destruction.

Except for the pit calls McLaren showed Red Bull how it should be done today. They showed how to apply pressure, how to update the car and most importantly how two team mates should race each other. If the McLaren development machine works the same as it did last year then Red Bull are going to rue throwing away this race come the end of the year.

Elsewhere Mercedes appear to be in trouble. Even with the McLarens coasting home to save fuel, the Mercs still ended up 30 seconds down on them while using the same engines. The race pace is simply non-existent. The likelihood of a Mercedes win this year is diminishing based on that performance.

Ferrari’s 800th start was forgettable. Alonso struggled in qualifying but still managed to do a better job on race day than his team mate. Considering the F10 was the fastest car in pre-season testing you’ve got to wonder what’s happened since their win in the opening round.

The Renaults had a strong showing again this weekend, Kubica taking home yet more points. Petrov was unlucky to get a puncture from Alonso’s fightback, though for the first time this season he’s shown that he can deliver similar pace to Kubica. Surely one good update is all it’s going to take to have them overhaul Mercedes.

Sauber managed their first double finish of the season and lucked into a point after the retirement of Vettel and Petrov’s puncture. The Swiss team are the last of the established teams to score this year, only the new entries are left on zero points. It remains to be seen however if this is a genuine resurgence from them with the aid of their new technical director, or just a lucky run to take advantage of the misfortune of others.

Finally I’d like to express my disappointment with the BBC’s coverage, or rather with the access to their post race Forum programme. I’ve previously praised this aspect of their coverage and with good reason however today they decided to abandon everyone using Freeview for no explained reason. The BBC is a public broadcaster, would they like to inform me why I should have to pay for extra services in order to be able to receive part of their coverage? They had no problem showing the Forum on other Grand Prix weekends and had no trouble showing the practise sessions for the Turkish Grand Prix, yet this afternoon unless viewers are on a paid service for their digital television they were abandoned by the BBC. Bernie makes sure that F1 is viewed on the former terrestrial channels in order to assure that Formula 1 has the best possible audience. Viewers shouldn’t need any more than the equipment they need to receive the race in order to get any extra reaction programmes as well. The BBC taking this course is a very disappointing development. For the first time I miss ITV.

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