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Why David Coulthard is an idiot

Posted by Carrot on May 28, 2010 | No Comments

Just a quick piece about this before the Turkish event gets going tomorrow….

I’m not referring to his spinning in the pit lane, or his spinning on a warm up lap, or even slowing down in dumb places causing Schumacher to run into the back of him. I’m referring to the comments he made immediately after the Monaco Grand Prix.

For those of you who don’t know, or don’t watch (shame on you), the BBC have a Red Button programme immediately after the main coverage on BBC1 finishes. This is the F1 Forum and is the nearest thing to a televisual after show party you’ll ever find. It’s usually held in the hospitality area of one of the teams (although due to space concerns the Monaco forum had to be moved to a boat, what a hard life Jake Humphreys has) and has further in-depth analysis of the race and notable incidents in it. Various personalities from the paddock show up and provide their own insights. It’s quite possibly the best thing the BBC have implemented since they took over the coverage.

Back to my point about Coulthard, the topic moved to Alonso’s race and inevitably his frustration at not being let through with a smile by di Grassi came up. Coulthard very clearly said that it had been a mistake for him to hold up Fernando on grounds of his future employment opportunities. Not that it was a mistake because it was losing him lap time by defending against the Ferrari, not that it could cause him to be distracted and hit a barrier but that was a mistake because he could harm his chances of getting a drive elsewhere if Fernando has influence there and doesn’t take kindly to being blocked.

What a brilliant idea David(!) Let’s tell the rookies to bow and scrape and do absolutely anything to get or keep a drive. Does anyone remember the last time that happened? I seem to remember a car in the barrier in Singapore. Piquet was doing anything he could to hold on to his drive, to the point that he breached the basic sporting ethic of Formula 1 and crashed to give his team mate (ironically also Alonso given what happened in Monaco) an advantage. So remember kids, according to David Coulthard you should act contrary to the sporting principles of F1 and suck up to anyone you can in order to further your own career, your current team and results be damned. David Coulthard is an idiot.

Simple history lesson for the rookies. Let’s compare the careers of two rookies. One did everything he could to accommodate the whims of a more experienced team mate and compromised his result and car to try and hold on to his drive. The other actually went out and raced his hardest to the point where his more experienced team mate threw a tantrum because the rookie wasn’t playing rear gunner for him like an obedient little newbie. On of those examples is Nelson Piquet Jr., the other is Lewis Hamilton. Where are they now? Which choice is the better one to make?

No driver on the grid should ever be holding back due to where they might drive one day or because of who it might annoy. Provided we’re under green flag conditions and your car is running at race pace no driver should give an inch to another, the business is racing, not networking. Go host Formula Facebook if you want to make everyone your friend, get into a Formula 1 cockpit if you want to give everything you have to finishing as high as you can. After what happened in Singapore the FIA should be actively investigating any claim or suspicion of a driver racing for the interests of another team or driver, and anyone found guilty should be getting a hefty ban from all flavours of FIA governed motorsport. Let Piquet Jr. rot in America, they’re welcome to that spineless cheat.

Predictions tomorrow ;)

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